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Restaurant Equipment Cleaning & 
Kitchen Exhaust System Maintenance
Emergency Calls Welcome
  1. We do internal cleansing of all the ducts (supply and extract) utilizing most up-to-date techniques.
  2. We can also do external cleaning of stoves, burners and friars
  3. We can set up access panels for future use as needed.
  4. We can clean all equipment and metal surfaces in the kitchen
  5. We clean all intake and extract grills.
  6. The air handling units are carefully deep cleaned and checked out. This includes fan stability and belt check.
  7. We disinfect the system utilizing appropriate biocide wherever applicable/required.
  8. We give you a report on filter overall condition.
  9. We also report on any problems found within the equipment.
  10. Finally we provide you with documentation and photographic information for proof of service for insurance coverage requirements.
  11. We also can clean refrigerator coils and condensers to prevent overheating and burn out.
  12. Additionally we can clean inside and outside of refrigerators to eliminate the sticky residue build up around them.

The complete process consist of:  

We never leave a mess which leaves your kitchen prepared for business the next day.

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