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Restaurant Equipment Cleaning & 
Kitchen Exhaust System Maintenance
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We clean your kitchen's exhaust system to National Fire Protection Association Code 96 Standards. Our state of the art cleaning process consists of eliminating grease or oily sludge in the hoods, plenums, filtration, fans and ducts.

“Restaurant and commercial exhaust systems have strict NFPA Code 96 standards.”

With 25 years experience in the industry Mr. Hood Cleaning can easily produce an all-inclusive ventilation and extraction cleaning service as an added feature to your kitchen area deep clean process.

The ventilation system, air extraction and air duct systems are an extremely important component of the kitchen, eliminating grease, and oil, along with other fatty by-products throughout the food preparation process, and depositing them in a safe manner. These particularly grimy deposits are definitely a potential fire risk when they become held up in the ventilation, so it is essential they are maintained consistently. In this way, you make certain that your kitchen, and people who perform work within it, are safe from the risks of fire. This also eliminates the risk of food contamination for your clients.


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